Tenants Fee Structure





We will always be honest and transparent in terms of any fees charged to tenants not only during the application process itself but also during a tenancy.  A summary of these charges are shown below.




Administration fee

These charges incorporate all related costs of processing an application for a tenancy.

Our fees for a single tenant are £200 plus £100 per additional tenant. Charges become payable upon commencement of the application process. Should tenants fail referencing or decide not to proceed during the application process, then the fees are not refundable.


Guarantor fee

Where a guarantor is required, additional referencing will be undertaken and further information required on each guarantor that is nominated by the tenants and preparing a Deed of guarantee as part of the Tenancy Agreement.  A fee of £100 is applied per individual guarantor and becomes payable following receipt of the tenant’s references and once the guarantor/s completes the relevant application form. The fee is for preparing a Deed of guarantee as part of the Tenancy Agreement, obtaining satisfactory identification and undertaking referencing.  In the event of the tenancy not being finalised for any reason or the replies to referencing proving unsatisfactory, such charges are not refundable.


Company let

For preparing and finalising formal Tenancy Agreements, initiating referencing,

retrieving critical information and processing all relevant paperwork throughout, there will be a fee of £250.  Where applicable, charges become due upon commencement of the application process.

Inventory fee


Where applicable, D&N Properties Instruct an independent company to carry out a detailed inventory (property condition report). This document protects the interests of both landlord and tenants in the event of a dispute at a later date.  It is the responsibility of the Landlord to pay for the initial inventory produced at the beginning of the Tenancy Agreement and the Tenants responsibility to pay for the check-out Inventory. Fees are:  1 bed £80  2 bed £100  3 bed £120  4 beds £140 5 beds £160


The Inventory Check-out fee will be deducted from the deposit funds held at the end of the tenancy.



The tenants are required to pay a deposit prior to moving in to protect the landlord against any damage incurred during a tenancy which is deemed to be beyond normal wear and tear. The deposit will be equivalent to 1½ months’ rent and will be paid just prior to commencement of the tenancy. Where D&N Properties are protecting the deposit we will register the Landlord and tenant details and protect the security deposit with a government-authorised scheme. Provide the tenant(s) with the deposit Certificate and Prescribed Information within 30 days of the tenancy.


A minimum of 1 months’ rent in advance will be required from the tenants just prior to moving in and commencement of a tenancy.


During a tenancy

The following charges will only apply for the reasons listed below:






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