At HS Estates we understand our clients want to sell their properties for the best possible price, in a time-scale to suit their requirements and in a stress-free manner.

If you’re considering selling a property in Brentwood, a meeting with us and a full market appraisal will give you a very clear picture of who might buy it, what it will sell for, how long it’s likely to take to achieve a sale and what should be done to achieve the best price in the required time frame.

Honesty and Integrity…

  • Because we don’t overvalue properties to secure instructions
  • Because our marketing strategies ensure we don’t miss buyers who are looking for a property like yours
  • Because we negotiate hard on your behalf, we won’t carelessly compromise on the value of your property

If we’re accurate in our initial appraisal of value, and honest with our clients, our properties will sell in a timely manner without a compromise having to be made on price. Crucially, properties in our hands sell without lingering on the market, growing stale and struggling to find a buyer until the price is finally reduced to where it should have started.

However, we are attuned to changes in the market, and our valuations always anticipate upward trends.

We’ve invested heavily in our website and digital marketing

  • Because more than 90% of buyers now start their search online, it’s important your property stands out in a crowded digital market
  • Because Essex buyers frequently come from out of the immediate area and sometimes from overseas and rely on an internet search
  • So buyers have the best experience possible while searching on our site. Nothing is hard to find and no matter how you decide to visit our website, whether it’s on a PC, tablet or mobile phone, everything is speedy and straightforward

Our new website will achieve a Google page speed exceeding 90/100 which makes it one of the fastest property websites in the industry.

Work behind-the-scenes from our techies means that we are regularly one of the highest ranking agents in Google page listings. Buyers who are searching for property in any of the areas in which we operate are directed straight to our clients’ properties leaving other agents standing in the digital race.

Our sales succeed where others fail to proceed to completion!

In a market where economic uncertainty has led to a particularly high rate of deals breaking down prior to exchange, at HS Estates, our ‘fall-through’ rate is negligible.

Our view is that, when an offer is accepted on a property, our work has just begun. We believe communication to our vendors and purchasers is paramount at all times.

  • We qualify our buyers and stay on top of the deal until contracts have exchanged, removing glitches and smoothing any turbulence that may arise in the process
  • We anticipate potential problems and provide solutions before they become problems.
  • Many of the properties that we sell are to buyers who don’t have a property to sell themselves, meaning there are less complications

How will our staff make a difference to your move?

As a service industry, the success of our business relies on staff who are at the top of their game. While sales skills are clearly paramount, our rigorous selection process also focuses heavily on fielding a team that our clients will find approachable, friendly, and easy to work with. We are also caring, mature, hugely informed, and empathetic when it comes to client needs.

The partners of HS Estates are fully involved in the business on a daily basis and have had a big influence on creating a team that share the same values and aspire to the same service levels as they do themselves.

In an industry sector where a high turnover of staff isn’t unusual, we have an exceptional record of staff who have found little appeal in moving on, preferring to remain within the HS Estates ‘family’ and in some cases are almost becoming part of the furniture!

Experience matters!

We’re not the flashiest, we’re not the newest, but we have built a sound reputation for getting the job done well without sacrificing honesty and integrity – or humour!

As a company and as individuals we’ve been in the business long enough to have experienced a wide range of different markets and economic climates. We know how to go about achieving the best possible results for our clients in times of sustained growth, and in times of economic gloom. We’re not just here for the good times!

Talk To Us

If you’re considering selling a property in Brentwood or the surrounding areas, request a current market appraisal of your home. A meeting with us, and a full market appraisal, will give you a very clear picture of who might buy your property, how that target market can be reached, what it will sell for, how long it’s likely to take to achieve a sale, and what should be done to achieve the best price in the required time frame.

With expertise, experience and sound advice, HS Estates will add value to your property transaction.